Privacy Policy

We respects and protects the privacy of all users of the service. When you use our services, we will treat your personal information with great diligence and prudence. THIS PRIVACY POLICY IS CLOSELY RELATED TO THE SERVICES YOU USE, AND YOU HAVE FULLY UNDERSTOOD AND ACCEPTED THIS POLICY BY INSTALLING, USING, REGISTERING OR OTHERWISE ACCESSING OUR SERVICES, INCLUDING GAME NETWORK SERVICES AND SOCIAL SERVICES RELATED TO GAME NETWORK SERVICES (HEREINAFTER REFERRED TO AS "INTERNET SERVICES"), AND CHECKING "AGREE" IN THE POP-UP WINDOW. oN THE BASIS OF BEING INFORMED, YOU EXPRESSLY AGREE TO AUTHORIZE US TO COLLECT, PROCESS, USE AND DISCLOSE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE APPLICABLE PERSONAL INFORMATION PROTECTION LAWS AND REGULATIONS IN YOUR REGION AND THE PROVISIONS OF THIS POLICY. yOU HAVE THE RIGHT OF REVOCATION TO REVOKE YOUR CONSENT AT ANY TIME, BUT YOU KNOW AND AGREE THAT SINCE THE COLLECTION, PROCESSING, USE AND DISCLOSURE OF YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION ARE NECESSARY FOR THE OPERATION OF THIS SERVICE, IF YOU REVOKE THE ABOVE CONSENT, WE MAY NOT BE ABLE TO CONTINUE TO PROVIDE YOU WITH THIS SERVICE. IF YOU ARE A MINOR, YOUR PARENTS, GUARDIAN OR LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE ARE REQUIRED TO REVIEW AND AGREE TO THIS pRIVACY pOLICY ON YOUR BEHALF BEFORE YOU USE OUR SERVICES OR PROVIDE US WITH ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION. We will not take the initiative to collect personal information from minors. If you are a parent or guardian of a minor and have reasonable reasons to believe that we have collected your child's personal information, please contact us in the way provided in part 10. Once verified, we will delete relevant information immediately. If you are not a legal guardian or parent, you can also contact us when you think that we may have actively collected some information from a minor. WE ENCOURAGE PARENTS TO INSTRUCT THEIR CHILDREN NOT TO DISCLOSE THEIR PERSONAL INFORMATION ONLINE. I. Your personal information we collected 1. Information we collect In order to optimize our services and provide you with a better gaming experience, when you register and use our online services, we may automatically receive and record your device and browsing information through game software or other software, including but not limited to: 1)IP address (for assigning server to you); 2)Language used, access/login date and time 3)Social chat record in the game 4)Pictures, files, and game character information you uploaded, transaction information and contact information you used to reach us. 2. Information you offer (1) When you register your account and enjoy the corresponding network services, the information you may provide to us voluntarily includes but is not limited to the name (including network nickname, pseudonym or other anonymity), gender, your account information on the social platforms where you work with us, and other information you voluntarily agree to provide. (2) When you use our services or participate in related activities in the game, with your prior consent, you may need to take the initiative to provide us with: 1)Your telephone number and email address; 2)Personal hobbies; 3)And other personal information. 3. Your personal information we obtain from our business partners Through legal means, we may obtain your personal information from business partners, such as cooperative platforms, advertisers platforms, technical support providers and other business partners that jointly support game network services. But we will get your prior confirmation and consent. 4. Impact of not providing corresponding information In the process of using our services, you may choose not to provide the foregoing personal information you need to provide voluntarily. You know and agree that if you refuse to provide the necessary personal information related to some services, we will not be able to provide you with the corresponding services, which will not affect the provision of other services for you. II. The purpose and sharing of your personal information 1. You confirm and agree that we may use your personal information for the purpose of promoting the quality of Internet services, conducting data testing, game analysis, event planning, etc., and may provide your personal information to our affiliated companies, and partners or independent third-party suppliers that help promote the content of Internet services. Such third-party suppliers may be your local operation partners, or may be technical support cooperation units that’s not local in your country. Once the service ends, those suppliers will be forbidden to access all the data they have been able to access before. We promise that we will not provide, sell, rent, share or trade your personal information to any unrelated third party unless we get your permission in advance. The above-mentioned providers of third-party services (such as social media platforms, third-party payment platforms, advertising partners, fraud detection service providers, anti-cracking and anti-fraud service providers, social sharing tool providers, customer support partners, etc.) may use cookies, network beacons and/or other tracking technologies according to their own privacy policies to collect or receive information about you, and we have no control over the information collected by these third parties or their use of such information. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you check their privacy policy on their official website to learn more about how they handle your personal information. If you find that any third party illegally collects or processes your personal information, or collects or processes your information in a way that worries you, we encourage you to contact us, and we will provide you with reasonable help to assist you to handle it. 2. We may use your information for yours and our security, anti fraud detection, partner customer security services, etc. 3. For the purpose of serving you, based on your personal information, we may provide you with information you may be interested in, including but not limited to providing you with personalized needs, sending new products and service advertisements, news, inviting you to participate in our service survey, etc., but we will obtain your consent in advance. III. Disclosure of your personal information WE WILL NOT DISCLOSURE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT, EXCEPT UNDER THE FOLLOWING CIRCUMSTANCES: 1. According to the relevant provisions of the law or the requirements of the administrative or judicial authorities, if the legitimate rights and interests of the public, us or other cooperative partners are involved, we may need to disclose your personal information to cooperative partners or the administrative or judicial authorities. 2. If you violate relevant laws, regulations or our Service Agreement or relevant rules (such as improper words and deeds, reactionary, violent, pornographic behaviors etc.), and infringe the legitimate rights and interests of us or any cooperative partners, we need to disclose the information to cooperative partners or the administrative and legal institutions. 3. If we have reasonable reasons to believe that our disclosure has legal basis; 4. Any other disclosure that we consider appropriate in accordance with the applicable laws, regulations or policies of your region. IV. Transmission and storage of your personal information 1.You understand that we will store or process your personal information in countries or regions other than your residence. We provide services globally, so your personal information may be transferred to third parties or service providers or business partners located within or beyond your jurisdiction. You hereby unconditionally agree and allow us to transfer, share and disclose all or any of your information to a third party or service provider or other entity for the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy when necessary. As different countries or regions may have different information protection and privacy laws, policies and other regulations, you fully understand that the applicable laws of some countries or regions may not provide you with the same level of privacy protection as the countries where you live or work. In this case, we will take measures to ensure sufficient safeguards to protect your information. For example, we will contractually require the receiving party to ensure that your information is given the same level of privacy protection as under the applicable laws of your location. 2. We will store your personal information in the server device or the database or device of other system with better security by following the laws and regulations based on existing security technology level. 3. We will protect the security of your information to prevent the its loss, improper use, unauthorized access or disclosure. However, you understand and confirm that we can only perform our obligation to provide the maximum security protection based on the existing security technology level. When you choose our services, you are clearly aware of the possible security risks. 4. The retention period of your personal information is the whole period of your use of our Internet service until you ask us to delete or stop processing your information according to the rights stipulated in this policy or relevant laws and regulations. V. Information protection for minors We attach great importance to the protection of minors' information. If you are a minor, you should obtain the prior consent of your parents or guardian before using our service to provide us with personal information. VI. Responsibility of cooperative partners and platforms You are well aware that our network services is provided to you through cooperative platforms and other partners , so before you use our services, some of your personal information may be collected, used and processed by those third party cooperation platforms, we may not or cannot obtain this part of your personal information through the third parties. Therefore, if you have any objection or need to exercise your right to this part of personal information, please contact the third parties, and the corresponding responsibility shall be borne and handled by you and the third parties. VII. Security of your personal information 1. We will do our best to provide security protection for your personal information. Please keep your user name and password information properly. We will ensure that your information will not be lost, abused or altered by encryption and other security measures. Despite the above security measures, please note and understand that there is no "perfect security measures" for information on the network. 2. When using our online services for online transactions, please protect your personal information properly. Please do not provide it to others without your personal consent and when necessary. If you find your personal information leaked, please contact us immediately so that we can take actions. VIII. Update WE MAY UPDATE THIS pRIVACY pOLICY FROM TIME TO TIME, BUT WE WILL IMMEDIATELY UPDATE AND PUBLISH IT ON THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF THIS SERVICE OR THROUGH SERVICE LETTER, EMAIL, ETC. In this case, if you continue to use our service, you agree to be bound by the revised Privacy Policy, unless it is a major change involving your relevant rights and interests. In this case, we will obtain confirmation from you or your parents and legal guardian in the form of pop-up window when you log in to the service again. IX. Contact information for complaints and suggestions The data controller under this policy is Us. If you need to exercise your rights related to this policy or have any questions or complaints about this policy or related matters, please contact us at: Email address: